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solidworks 2020 and using Altium 20 designer and  together, through Altium concord and licencing

Question asked by Kevin Baldwin on Dec 10, 2019

We are looking at implementing Solidworks 2020 as a complete new install from out existing solidworks 18 installation.

We will use a new PDM, Licence server and install on each client. We are currently trialling PCB connection using the Solidworks "vault" and connecting to Altium that way.


1. We are interested in speaking to anyone who is currently running Altium concord Pro and using the PCB connector to connect solidworks to that.

2. Anyone who can explain how the licencing work whether the PCB connector will let you connect to Concord Pro or you need a CAL to access the Concord Pro Vault. (we believe this is how it will work)

3. Anyone who can give us any advice in implementing this solution if there ate any gotchas