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Import parasolid file

Question asked by Igor Ilyinskiy on Dec 10, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2019 by Igor Ilyinskiy

Good afternoon, I need to import the assembly parasolid file (* .xmt_txt) into the assembly for which I use OpenDoc6 ()

But in the end I get the error swFileRequiresRepairError

here is my code:


ISldWorksPtr pApp = Object();
if (!pApp)
IModelDoc2Ptr modeldoc;
long lErrors = 0, lWarnings = 0;
pApp->OpenDoc6(CComBSTR(path_to_file.c_str()), 2, swOpenDocOptions_Silent, L"", &lErrors, &lWarnings, &modeldoc);


However, if I open the file manually, it is imported without errors...