Neil Larsen

Is nvidia 182.46 really certified for FX570?

Discussion created by Neil Larsen on Apr 29, 2009
According to the SW support page driver 182.46 is certified for SW09 and yet in the nvidia release notes it states under known open issues - not nvidia issues - that quote :
. Quadro FX 570: Solidworks 2009 - lines are covered when moving parts.

So my questions are: How does SW arrive at certification status? Did they even read the notes before posting their recommendation?

Its a bit difficult to ascertain what the issue is from the description but this sounds like a driver to avoid.
In fact it sounds like an issue that users should be made aware of in a tech bulletin instead because apparently this a SW bug in the graphics code that needs to be dealt with.
You would hope it is destined to be fixed in a sp although its anyones guess which or if it is only sp specific.
You would hope also it doesnt mean the FX570 is a dud card for SW use from here on in..

182.08 apparently doesnt have this issue or at least its not listed.
Shouldnt that be recommended rather than 182.46??

I wonder if there anyone at home in SW providing real admin support?
Hopefully when they have caught up with this one they will move on to posting about compatibility with .NET3.5, IE8 and WS4.0 on the requirements page