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MakeStyledCurves2() method defaults to closed spline with certain sketches

Question asked by Andrew Overby on Dec 9, 2019

Hey everyone, 


I am working on a macro that uses the method linked below (same as the Fit Spline tool):

2018 SOLIDWORKS API Help - MakeStyledCurves2 Method (IFeatureManager) 


My goal is to create a continuous spline along an open profile. The problem is at certain geometries, the function defaults to creating a closed spline. Is there a way to disable that feature so I can always have it as an open spline? The attached image is essentially what I am after with the API function (disregard the Tolerance field).


With this open spline, I am grabbing the end points to append sketch segments. I am also open to different procedures to find these points. I did not have much luck on how to locate the endpoints of an open sketch chain, so that is why I have been trying to make the MakeStyledCurves2 function work properly. If this doesn't work, I am also attempting to use a process where I find all the start & end points for the sketch segments and rule out the points that do not join segments together to find the end points.


Any recommendations are appreciated!


Thanks in advance,