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Vault name

Question asked by Dennis Hvam on Apr 29, 2009
Latest reply on May 5, 2009 by Dennis Hvam
Our vendor for PDMWorks Enterprise did our vault name incorrectly. And we would like for them to change it.

Only problem is that they want 24 hours (3 work days) to do it.

We have one main server, and 4 servers at 4 different sites (2 in Sweden, 1 in Denmark and 1 in Austria)

The vault contains about 10.000 files. (90% of those files are only on 1 of the 4 minor servers)

So my question is:

Can it really be true, does it take 24 hours to change the name of the vault?

PDMWorks Enterprise version is currently 2008 SP3.0. Which is going to be updated to 2009 SP3.0. We thought that we could change the name in the update process (the update process is estimated to 8 hours + the 24 for the name change)

Thanks in advance!

P.s I hope the information is enough otherwise just ask for more!