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Solid Object Contacts

Question asked by Rony Rony on Dec 8, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2020 by Chris Pratt

Hi there,


I have been having issues regarding the solid object contact in Motion Analysis.

I am trying to make a simple conveyor assembly which consists of 3 main parts, such as the conveyor Beam, Chain, and Beam End (the part where the motor and sprocket will be placed later on). These parts might be unclear based on my explanations, but I’ll include the image below.


So, in the simulations, I have set some relations between objects, which are:

1. Solid Contact by groups, group 1 consist of the Beam and Beam End , group 2 consist of the Chain. 
2. Linear motor 50 mm/s on the Chain surface

3. Gravity in Y downward direction with 9.8 m/s magnitude.


One of the issue is that when I run the motion analysis, the chain fell off when revolving around the Beam End. I thought the solid contact will keep the chain in place within the Beam End slot. Can anyone think of a solution to this problem and willing to share it with me?



Thanks in advance.Revolving around the Beam EndRevolvingFalling off, contradicting the Solid Contact relation between chain and beamInitial situation