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Variants not showing up graphically in schematics?

Question asked by Thomas Thanner on Dec 7, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2019 by Thomas Thanner

Hi folks,

I am working first time with variants. I found a few videos on Youtube showing how to do so and the dialogs are looking promising.

So far everything is well.

But when I select "Drawing Style.. -> Use Graphics" nothing is drawn in schematics. I can change settings in this dialog, but nothing happens on Schematic drawings. Neither on the screen nor in primtouts.

I expected to see a red cross, or a masked out component, but nothing.

BOM creation is fine and respecting variants. As well as PCB is doing all right. But schematics don't?

I guess there is something like a check box in one of the numerous options dialogs that tells Solidworks PCB "do not show variants in schematics"  But I can't find it.

Has anyone experienced similar issues and was able to solve it?