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Linking design table to a file makes file saving slow - how I keep the link without saving?

Question asked by J. R. on Dec 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2020 by M. B.

I have a part which has a lot of dimensions driven by a Design Table. I want to link this Design Table to an external file, so I can edit it via Excel outside of SOLIDWORKS (which is much more convenient, even more than the "Edit Table in New Window" option, because it allows me to check things in SOLIDWORKS without closing the Design Table).



The problem is this: if I set my Design Table to be linked to an external file like in the screenshot above, SOLIDWORKS feels obliged to save that file every single time I press ctrl+s. And that adds at least 5 to 7 seconds to saving time, with a lot of popup windows appearing and closing in front of me. Irritating and inconvenient to say the least.


What I want to do is to make SOLIDWORKS open my Design Table as read-only - I will ever edit only externally, so I don't need it to be saved by SOLIDWORKS. Even if I open that Design Table with Excel first (to reserve write permissions), SOLIDWORKS still tries to overwrite it.


What can I do? I do not want to have to re-load the Design Table manually every time I rebuild my part, I want to keep that link, but this link should be one-way only, no saving. Can someone advise how to do that?