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Is there a way to use a combobox on a card in PDM that will show folders within a folder selected by another combobox selection?

Question asked by Ronald Michaud on Dec 6, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2019 by Tim Webb

I have the need to be able to query a list of folder names from within a folder selected by another query. I don't want to use the "controlled by variable" method because the folder list will constantly grow.


The first combobox folder selection in the card is from a SQL list query.

Select P.Name
From Projects P, ProjectTree Pt, Projects P2
where P.ProjectID > 1 And
  P2.Path Like '\DATA\' And
  P2.ProjectID = Pt.ProjectID And
  P.ProjectID = Pt.ChildProject
Order By P.Name ASC


This returns all the folder names under the DATA folder

I then need to make a selection in the next combobox in the card from a list of the subfolders from the first combobox folder selection.

So if my folder tree is....



     VOLUME 1.1

     VOLUME 1.2


     VOLUME 2.1

     VOLUME 2.2

Then if I select DATA1 in the first combobox, the second combobox should only show VOLUME 1.1 & VOLUME 1.2 or allow me to add a new entry which my process template would create a new folder for.


The controlled by variable method would mean that for every new top level folder I have to add I would also have to add a new list and modify the controlled by variable reference.