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Projected isometric view from a Section view? (Workaround with Cut)

Question asked by Tom Gagnon on Dec 6, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2019 by Frederick Law

I've been making these with the workaround for a few years when detailing a balloon drawing of small objects within a very large enclosure. I'm wondering if there's an easier way to do it.


I want an Isometric view derived from a section view, so that the Isometric View shows half of the assembly cut away. Here, I show that I inserted a plan view (1), defined its section view (2), then tried projecting it as an isometric (3). You see that the isometric view then ignores the section cut.


A workaround I've used has been to Cut-Extrude through everything in the Assembly (i.e. Assembly Feature) within a sub-configuration for this purpose. Then I repeat that to show the other half. Then I insert my desired (custom or) Isometric View and select the section-cut configuration.


Is there an easier way to achieve this without using an Assembly Feature Cut-Extrude?