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Auto attach balloons inside part on drawing

Question asked by Patrick Mueller on Dec 6, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2019 by Patrick Mueller

I am trying to create multiple drawings for production at once using task scheduling. I can automate most aspects of making these prints but one thing slowing me down is adding balloons. The prints are used for production purposes. We have sheets of insulation that we are CNC cutting custom parts for a project and the operator needs to print unique location numbers on each part. The print we produce tells them what number they need to print on each part. So when I make these parts I need to attach a balloon to each part that references a custom property and then I need to move these balloons to sit inside the parts as this is the cleanest and quickest way for the operator to see the number and reference the part.


Is there a away to automate the balloons to populate inside (center of mass?) of the part? The way I do it now is I have my template set up to autopopulate the balloons but they populating all over the drawing and I need to go collect them and then move the to their appropriate spot.

I do sometimes have to rotate a balloon to make it fit the best. If that is not something I can automate that is fine as long as it starts off sitting inside of the part.


I've attached an example print.