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Change of State warning

Question asked by Matt Juric on Dec 5, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2019 by Matt Juric

We are attempting to figure out a way to notify our programmers that the part they have in process has changed. I'm wondering if this can be done someway with the PDM. 


We are using CAMWorks so they are working directly on the model. The caveat to this is that they can not work on the released model because they need write access and the ability to alter the model if need be for manufacturing purposes. Our proposed solution to this it to create a Derived part. They can then work on the model, make changes etc without affecting the released model and if the released model is modified the derived part will update.


All of that is well and good but we have nothing in place to inform the programmer that the part they are working on changed. We could use the same chain that we use to release parts originally but that can take days to get thru all the approvals and releases in the chain. For that time frame the programmer is working on an old revision which can be problematic.


What I would like to do, and have no idea if it is possible, would be to create a state for the derived model. That state would be "CAM in Process" or something like that. The derived model would somehow be looking at the released model. As soon as the released model has a "Request for change" change of state the derived model would see that and send a notification to the programmer. 


Is something like that even close to possible? Is there a different approach?


Thank you for any input