Issues viewing 3D PDF file!

Discussion created by 1-C58PCB on Apr 28, 2009
If your recipients have issues viewing 3D PDF file you created using 3DVIA Composer, here is the solution I pulled straight from Knowledgebase (S-024436). While I continue to hunt for simpler solution, this worked for me in the meantime.<br /><br /><b>Question</b>: An error message displays when opening a PDF with an embedded 3DVIA Composer file even though the 3DVIA Player Plug-in for Adobe® Reader® is installed, why? <br /> <br /><b>Answer</b>: <br />1. If only Adobe® Reader® is installed, the 3DVIA Player Plug-in for Acrobat Reader will properly install and no error will be seen. <br /><br />Note: If Adobe Reader 9 is installed please refer to solution, S-028884.<br /><br />2. If only Adobe Acrobat is installed, the error will display.  To resolve this:<br /><br />- Browse to "C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\3DVIAComposer\6.2\Plugins\Acrobat\Plug_Ins"<br />- Copy files "3DVIAPlayerControl.dll" and "3DVIAPlayerReader.api"<br />- Paste them into "C:\Program Files\Adobe\<Acrobat version number>\Acrobat\plug_ins"<br /><br />3. If Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader are installed, the error will only display in when opening a PDF in Acrobat.  To resolve this:  <br /><br />- Browse to "C:\Program Files\Adobe\<Reader version number>\Reader\plug_ins"<br />- Copy files "3DVIAPlayerControl.dll" and "3DVIAPlayerReader.api"<br />- Paste them into "C:\Program Files\Adobe\<Acrobat version number>\Acrobat\plug_ins" <br />