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Toggle to another sheet size in a drawing

Question asked by Steve Anderson on Dec 5, 2019


often there is a need to set the paper size in properties from B, and back to A (assuming we started with A), so that the changes made to drawing formats will show up.  It's a bit of a manual workaround.


I would like to apply this in .NET code.  What I have below is not doing the trick.  I want to switch to A-portrait, which we never use, and back to whatever was the correct size.


                ' Trying to change from current paper size to size 1 (A-Portrait), and back...
                ' swSheet.SetProperties2(1, TemplateIn, _dScale1, _dScale2, False, 0.0#, 0.0#, "")
                ' swSheet.SetProperties2(PaperSize, TemplateIn, _dScale1, _dScale2, False, 0.0#, 0.0#, "")