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Climate Change - Designs - Conceptual Or Real - Reduce The Carbon Footprint

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Frederick Law - Peter De Vlieger and others...


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I'd really like to keep the environmental discussions here, but on the other hand, I think it might merit it's own thread.  I've worked on a few different conceptual energy ideas that went no where, but would still be viable today.  New designs to better our environment are needed..


Ones that I worked on...


A "Wave Machine" to produce Electric/Hydrogen combination -  (a small simple prototype was built, just to prove the concept)


A Pyrolysis unit to product Charcoal & Gas - Using the Charcoal as a filler and absorbent in fertilizer, reduce the amount of leaching, which extends the working power of the fertilizer...  


A Patent on a Rubber Granulator Process that reduces the power consumption 90% - which reduces the amount of Coal Fired Electricity  (actual full scale prototype was built)


A Pancake Style power generator that has a 3:1 power in to power out ratio, compare that to a car alternator which are 11:1 - (manufactured, tested and proven)



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