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Override Default Bend Parameters doesn't Work?

Question asked by Jordan Williams on Dec 4, 2019

I am trying to make several changes to  a sheet metal part including using a bend table with different thicknesses in different configurations but i can't seem to get past the first step of overriding the default bend parameters in order to allow the thickness to be configured. 

I have ended up with basically exactly the same code as here:  (basically just the name of the sheet metal feature itself is different)

   2019 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Set Override Option for Auto Relief Default Parameters Example (VBA) 


All the code seems to work fine, the sheet metal feature is selected, I can read the different override status' for each but setting the bend parameter override does nothing.


Has anyone successfully implemented this particular api tool, is there something I am missing? 



Edit: in case anyone runs into this I missed a line required to update the feature definition as shown here:

   2019 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Change Bend Radius of Sheet Metal Part Example (VBA) 


command is in this line:

    bRet = swFeat.ModifyDefinition(swSheetMetal, swModel, Nothing): Debug.Assert bRet