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Astronomical 2019 Drawing Save Times

Question asked by Tom Helsley on Dec 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2020 by Brian Graves

In 2019 SP 4.0 we are seeing ridiculously large save times with drawings.  Parts and assemblies seem to save in about the same amount of time as prior versions, but drawings.... well it's really killing our productivity.


Everything seems normal when I click the "Save" button, and there is no indication that SolidWorks is still saving - until I click in the application window.  Here is what  happens every time after clicking the save button in the save dialog:


  1. When I click in the application window, this message and the busy mouse cursor appears ...
  2. After a short bit, the window disappears and the cursor returns to normal.  Done saving, right???  WRONG!
  3. If I click again in the application window, steps 1 and 2 repeat until the saving is finally complete after a loooonnnng time.  This can take 5 minutes or more.  WTF?


Has anyone else been experiencing this?  

Has anyone found a new setting that affects it, or a workaround for it?