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SW Top Ten List (Pre-post Idea), SW Markup Improvements

Question asked by Grant Mattis on Dec 5, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2019 by Grant Mattis

I had my idea deleted in the Top Ten List so thought I would post here before posting again to get more feedback and refine the idea. To me completing markups in SW is the future and the direction my company needs to move toward. This will open a lot of doors and goes hand in hand with MBD. I think I can work ideas 2, 4 & 5 into one idea together but idea 1 & 3 are completely separate. I am looking for feedback to these ideas so an even better idea can be submitted or if someone else has a brainwave reading these they can submit their idea too.


Original Post as "Markup Improvements"


There are a number of improvements to markups that would greatly help adoption.

1. Reset markup view

If the markup doesn't fit in the view that was originally set, and locked, you either need to erase and start again or exit and start a new markup. It would be so much better if there was a reset view option. Alternative might be unlock/lock options. (3D Connexion devices currently allow full adjustment of the locked markup views in 2019 parts and assemblies, not tested in drawings.)


2. Copy markup within same file and to another part/assembly/drawing.

How often do we need to use the same markup over and over. At a minimum we should be able to copy a markup in the same document and place it where needed. The next step beyond if possible is to copy the markup between documents. There is no guarantee for us the same person is going to be doing all of the requested changes, let’s make life easier for the person marking up a digital stack of parts/assemblies/drawings. 


3. Orient & Show (Orient, Show & Hide all other markups)

Why do I need to select Orient and Show on a markup? If i am orienting to a markup I also want to see what the markup is. To me this should just be how Orient works. When working on Drawings I especially want to hide at least temporary all other markups in the same locked view. If there were two options for Orient both 'Orient' where it shows the selected markup and 'Orient & Hide other markups' it would help keep the flow of work.


4. Favorite comments (GD&T)

Insert favorite comments they would be different for every person or company. For us it would be GD&T blocks. Hopefully scale them to the view automatically. This will help save time creating the same markup again and again making digital markups faster than paper.


5. Link to other markups

Live link that could be easily inserted so the reviewer can send the user making corrections to the right location (hopefully right into orient of another markup). Please launch the open command and preload this file so users can choose if it needs to be open as resolved or lighter versions. Alternative would be to open the lightest loading file where the linked information will show.