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Part Number/Description/Database

Question asked by Sercan Dikbayirli on Dec 4, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2019 by Alex Lachance

Hi All,


I got a couple of questions;


-We have over 5000 parts library, and it is very messy. Parts are all over in the shared folder. We are starting to tidy up and move parts to another drive. We have never used the part numbering before. So this time I want to start a part number and description methodology. What is the easiest way to rename part numbers and keep them in excel or access file as a database? I heard PDM PRO can do it but it is very expensive. Does anybody know software or macro to achieve this?


-We also work with large assembly projects with 60-65% standard (already have model&drawing). But we still lose so much time to complete the whole job. We are as fast as possible with traditional methods.I heard add-ins such as #task and customtools to help with batch processes(batch pdf? batch print?flat pattern.dxf?total qty?). Are they reliable? Can we rely on them and implement a system that works parallel to these tools. Does anybody success with any of these? Any alternative?


I believe it is better to ask before we start something and waste time.


Thanks for your time.