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Exploded view, shaded with edges print issue.

Question asked by Ben Dorrington on Dec 5, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2019 by Ben Dorrington

I'm experiencing an odd issue, any suggestions on how to resolve greatly appreciated! 



Create multi-body part

Add an exploded view within the part

Create drawing from part - add drawing view: isometric exploded view - display style = shaded with edges - draft quality


The issue comes when I print the drawing, if the part file is in the exploded state the drawing prints fine, however, if the part is in its collapsed state the drawing prints missing chunks of geometry, see pics below. The issue occurs when printing to both paper and PDF. 



Screen shot of drawing view within Solidworks - no issues here


This is what I get when printed to PDF:



If I change the drawing view display style quality to High Quality and print again there is an improvement in that all of the edges that are missing above are now printed but the shading is still no right: 




The issue is not present when saving the drawing to PDF (as opposed to printing to PDF)


I'm running SW 2019 SP5, Windows is up to date and both print and graphics card drivers have all been updated to latest versions. 


My VAR have suggested that the issue is most likely a driver issues on my machine, our IT support company have suggested that it's a SW issue, all I know is that I'd like it sorted lol.


Hopefully someone here can help.