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SolidWorks latest version's performance on older machines

Discussion created by Mark Biasotti on Dec 3, 2019
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I'd like to hear from some of you as to whether you are experiencing this phenomenon when upgrading versions of SolidWorks on machines that are 5 years or older.


The phenomenon:  Newer versions of SolidWorks seem to take longer to launch and perform generally slower on newer Windows OS's when the hardware has not changed. I have suspected for years now that the latest versions of SolidWorks will not perform as well on older hardware as previous versions and that in order to keep up performance YOU MUST, upgrade both your software and your hardware.


Recently my company purchased to used Dell M4800 mobile workstations and was shocked by how poorly they run SW2019 on Win10 Pro as compared to other machines around the office (especially or 2013 MacBook pros).


Can you relate to this?  If so, please validate my concerns. Unfortunately, I think this not only applies to the CAD world but notice the same trend with our mobile devices, especially iOS.