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copy setting wizard link not working

Question asked by Ken G. on Dec 4, 2019

Hello All


Thank you in advance.


After win10 clean install my "copy setting wizard" not working in the


Solidworks Resources tab (right side) as well as other functions in the Solidworks tools area. Any ideas?


Here's what I did thus far.


I did a thorough cleaning of solidworks in the files, folders & register.


I can however access this function through the SW file/folders. I was to use this function without issues.


When I click any of the options in the SW Tools Tab nothing happens, no error nothing pops up , nada.


I can use the setting without SW open.


I'm thinking from reading other posts that I might have a "rights" to access issue. Even if I log on admin, same issue.


I'm at work and I updated the comp I'm on now to win10 (upgrade for

free) but the one at home would not upgrade so I installed win10 clean.


Don't know if that helps or not.


Best Regards