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cosmetic threads in drawings blowing up

Question asked by Dmitry Zamoshnikov on Dec 3, 2019
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   I'm trying to track down why cosmetic thread blow up with I rebuild a drawing (Ctrl-Q, or ForceRebuild3(false) from the API).

   I encountered a bug w/ the BOM where individual components wouldn't show up within a sub-assembly--only the sub-assembly shows up as a line item.  The configurations w/in the sub-assembly as set to "Promote", so the sub-assembly should be dissolved and all of the parts should show up in the BOM.  The BOM items showed up properly when I open the drawing, but when the PDM Task script to convert the drawing to a PDF grabs a hold of the drawing the BOM only shows the sub-assembly instead of the parts.  I added a "ForceRebuild3(false)" line in the script and that solved that problem.  However, now I'm seeing cosmetic threads blow up.


Drawing opened up.


Drawing Rebuilt (both through Ctrl-Q and through ForceRebuild3(false))


Any way to suspend rebuild of cosmetic threads when using ForceRebuild3?