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    Rotate Function with Logitech MX600 Mouse

      Try removing the LogiTech driver. Let Windows apply it's driver, then try to access the Mouse thru the Control Panel. If it doesn't work, just reinstall the Logitech driver.

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          Same issues with my MX310 mouse. It worked fine in XP Pro. But I switched to XP64 and now it won't work. Tried it both with the MS drivers and Logitech drivers. Same thing.
          • Rotate Function with Logitech MX600 Mouse
            Not sure if this is it, but can you check mouse properties to be sure your scroll button is assigned as a Middle Mouse function.

            Rudy Escobar CSWP
            • Rotate Function with Logitech MX600 Mouse
              I've recently changed to a Logitech cordless keyboard and mouse, and now I can't seem to rotate models by pressing on the scroll button.

              The Logitech driver/software seems to reckon that I want to pan around when I press the scroll wheel, and if all of the model can be seen in the window at the same time, it won't do anything, as it doesn't seem to think that any panning is necessary.

              The Logitech mouse and keyboard settings don't let you change the function of the scroll wheel button.

              Is very frustrating having to use a keyboard shortcut to rotate when previously it was just a mouse job - any thoughts?

              Cheers, Rich
              • Rotate Function with Logitech MX600 Mouse
                In the Windows control panel you can't do much with the Logitech mouse, as it has it's own software for customisation called SetPoint, which seems to ommit customising the wheel button function