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Various Revision Questions

Question asked by Jim Mongiardo on Dec 3, 2019

I have various questions on revisions within the drawing environment.  This is not a SW only critique, but it amazes me that 20 years down the road from 3D parametric modeling that software companies still don't understand some basic usage cases that would preclude driving the revision level of a drawing based on the revision level of the part and vice-versa.  Anywho....


Our drawing standards involve multi-sheet packages where all sheets are the same rev level.  That's handled easily enough with a custom property.  However, it would be nice to use SW revision table if possible but I can't seem to find a revision variable tied to this table that can be linked to my title block.  Thoughts?


Also, I know you can set the revision scheme to numbers or letters, but, does anyone have experience switching from numbers to letters mid-stream (i.e pre-production to released documentation)?  Does it break anything?