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Reset edge highlighting created using IEdge.Display

Question asked by Keaton Weir-McPherson on Dec 2, 2019

I have used the IEdge.Display method to highlight some edges in a part, and I would like to be able to undo that at the start of the macro so that if there is a change in which edges were selected that will be obvious. Right now no matter what I do it seems like I can't reset the display of edges once I have called the display method.


According to the documentation this is what I believe the correct way to do it would be:


To highlight the edge(s):

swEdge.Display 2, 1#, 0#, 0#, True 


To un-highlight the edge(s):

swEdge.Display 0, 0#, 0#, 0#, False


The documentation for this method can be found here:

2019 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Display Method (IEdge) 


If anyone can point me to the best or even a kludge way of de-highlighting the edges I would really appreciate it.