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Alternative Video Cards

Discussion created by Matt Rupert on Dec 2, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2019 by Jeff Mowry

Hello Forum,


Im using SW2015 today but will hopefully be updating before the end of the year.  Im upgrading my video cards as well from the AMD HD6970 gaming cards I have been running.  I do not run realview which I heard can lead to issues with gaming cards.  That being said I have had no issues other then in Camworks2015 which in the simulation mode the display gets ugly some times.  As I read the forums and look at the corporate requirements, I see that workstation cards are recommended Radeon and Quadro.  When I look at the tested list no other cards are listed.  Are there any forum readers out there that are running without issues any of the newer (last few years) AMD or Nvidia gaming cards?  If yes can you post what your using successfully.  Maybe if you have had troubles what cards have those been?   


Thank you