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How to Save PDM Values from Properties Window

Question asked by Joey Sellers on Dec 2, 2019

I have created a tool to update a PDM property ("DESCRIPTION") based on other PDM properties. It works brilliantly as long as the Solidworks App is not open. It is launched from a button click on the data card in PDM.

If the app is open, I am able to get the values from the SW app rather than PDM itself; however, if the "Properties" window is open, and the end user is adjusting those values and clicks the button on the data card, it does not read the "new" values for those properties. If the end user closes the "Properties" window, and then re-opens it and clicks the button, the tool works as intended.

Is there any way to save the current values in the "Properties" window so that the end user doesn't have to close the window and re-open it to get to the button on the data card?