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Vb.Net addin - Show form and Tab key

Question asked by Jerome De San Nicolás on Dec 2, 2019
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I know 3 methods to show a form in :


Dim Uf As New Form1

            Pros : Tab key works

            Cons : no access to SolidWorks


Dim Uf As New Form1

            Pros : Full access to SolidWorks

            Cons : Tab key do not works


Dim Uf As New Form1

as said here : 2019 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Keystrokes and Accelerator Keys in ActiveX Modeless Dialogs and Property Manager Pages 


            Pros : Tab key works

            Cons : limited access to SolidWorks, cannot rebuild, edit a sketch ect...



So there is my question : Can we show a form and still have full access to SolidWorks with the tab key enabled in the form ?