Cosmos motion to SW Simulation

Discussion created by 1-4AE-1039 on Apr 28, 2009
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Hey Folks,

Long time SW user and what used to be called Cosmos Motion. I've just loaded SW 2009 Premium and I'm having a little trouble.

I have used Cosmos Motion successfully in the past (Cosmos Motion 2007) to predict the movement of spinning parts; think centrifuge with buckets that hang down, when the motor spins the rotor, the buckets would pivot up under certrifugal force until they were at ~ 90 degrees from their static positon.

I have built a simple assembly but for the life of me I can't seem to get started.

In Cosmos Motion what I used to do is define the "moving" parts; "Ground" parts, add some joints, a bit of friction and then apply a "motion"

I can't imagine that the setup of Simulation motion analysis has changed THAT much in the past 2 years, but maybe I'm wrong.

Can someone point me in the general direction of how to get started on a simple motion analysis.

I'm not looking for a stress analysis, what I need for a result is the projection angles of the "buckets"

Thanks in advance for your help

P. McGovern