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Updating existing assemblys with parts done in Visualize

Question asked by Abby Kasthofer on Dec 1, 2019

Hello there!


I'll get straight to the point here:


I have a very large assembly created from different Modules that form the lobby of a building. I wish to texture it in Solidworks Visualize but due to this being a work-in-progress, Textures are subject to change.

So far I have slapped the basic textures on the model in Solidworks to get the positions down, then added displacement and normal maps in Visualize and made them look neat.

This works great for smal objects but becomes a major pain in huge assemblies.


Is there away to replace objects in an assembly  in Vizalize with objects previously textures in it?


For example, I have an assembly in Solidworks. I texture the individual parts in Vizualize and safe them. Then I import the assembly into Vizualize. Now I want to replace the objects with their counterparts I previously Textured.