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What is the name of the default function bound to the "A" key

Question asked by Nick Lemon on Nov 30, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2019 by Wojciech Paterski

Preface: Don't know if this is technically the right place to post this but none of the other subs seemed appropriate.


I only just learned about the cycling function that's applied by default the the "A" key. I'd like to return to A's default behavior but I am unable to find the name of this function.


Furthermore, when I restore to defaults, "A" works fine but when I try and look at it in the tools -> customize -> keyboard area, it doesn't list A at all and when I try and assign a to some other arbitrary command, it just says that it is already assigned and would I still like to proceed. Typically with every other command, it will say the key is already assigned to "[insert specific action here].


I have tried googling it but given how many other unrelated things will show up when searching something with "a key" in it makes it difficult. Tried applying a bunch of search parameters to no avail.


Appreciate any and all help. Thanks