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Can I prevent "tiling" in large renders

Question asked by Warren Isaacs on Dec 1, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2019 by Warren Isaacs

Hi All


I'm trying to render a large scale image (20.14k x 12k pixels) for a display.


Visualize builds the render from a series of tiles, as you'll have seen if you ever watch it rendering a final image, rather than just letting it run in the background.  The threshold at which Visualize starts tiling the image is 2^24 pixels---(2^24) does tile, (2^24)-1 doesn't.  I don't know whether this is a function of Visualize, or system-specific.  If anyone feels inclined to test this:

4096 x 4096 = 2^24

4095 x 4097 = (2^24)-1


For the image I'm creating, this threshold results in a 10 x 6 array of tiles.  In the darker areas of my image, the boundaries of these tiles are clearly visible when the image is inspected.  I wonder whether a forensic analysis of the image would show that the problem extends into the paler areas, too.  I cannot share the image, but have attached a crop which shows the problem clearly.  I assume that Visualize renders each tile without reference to adjacent edges.


Does anyone know of a way to prevent this, or minimize it?  I don't really want to have to post-process this in Gimp, or whatever, not least because I don't have time to learn the software right now.


I'm running:

Visualize Standard

Renderer Selection: Accurate

Render Mode:        Quality

Render Passes:      1000

Denoiser:           Enabled

Render Device:      Hybrid


Processor:          i7-8850H

RAM:                32GB

Graphics:           Quadro P4200


I plan to contact my VAR tomorrow (it's Sunday afternoon here), but I'm hoping someone here can help today.