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OK, So where are we with Solidworks 2020 SP 0.1?  Do we go for it? or stick with the know issues of what we are currently running?

Question asked by Mark Bradford on Nov 28, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2019 by Mark Bradford

I am normally someone that want to take advantage of the new features as soon I can get my hands on them.  Although I did find the issue of the Solid-bodies being removed, I am very happy that the people at Solidworks listened and came up with a hot fix fairly quickly.   


So now ... I'm curious as to whether or not people are taking the leap, or sticking with what they are currently running.


Do we stick with what we know has issues, but have accepted them  and made work around for them?

or do we venture forward, into the unknown, and discover a whole new world of issues to find work around's for?


Give me your thoughts,  and lets hash it out together