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Macro for saving PDF drawing AND changing author in it

Question asked by Marius Snapkauskas on Nov 28, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2019 by Zhen Wei Tee



I am looking for the help. I am using macro command, which saves drawing as a PDF file. The problem is that this macro is used by 3 users, which computer names are User1, user2 and user3. That means, these names are showed in the drawing table as an "Author" (SW-Last Saved By). Maybe it is possible to edit my macro in the way that it will replace "SW-Last saved by" property into the pre defined (paired) names while saving the PDF file? The changed name has to be just in PDF file, I dont mind if the original custom property would still be "user" then someone saves the drawing file. For example: if user1, which real name is Tim, saves the pdf file, "User1" would be replaced by "Tim", if user2 is saving the PDF file, "User2" would be replaced by "Jonh" and so on. Is it possible ? I am attaching macro, which I am using to save PDF files.