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solidworks fastener

Question asked by Bob Bob on Nov 28, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2019 by Jean Giacomoni

I have been getting responses about personal libraries. I have one and it works good and I thank you for your responses.

I contract from my house and if I have to use smart fastener it looks like I would need to upgrade to the next version professional I believe.

That is why I need to know if I can use the screws as part file and manually insert and change the sizes as needed.

The file that drives the configurations must be there somewhere can it be opened or is it password protected or something else like that?

Does anyone know for sure?





Can you open & use solidworks fastener with all the configurations in the standard version?

I understand that smart fasteners is not an option in standard.

I thought you could manually insert them and use configurations to change them.

It looks like I am wrong the insert above is all I get when I open a part in the solidworks data folder. 

If not please inform me as to what to do to use them in my version of solidworks.