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Sharing SQL

Question asked by 1-HIBB22 on Apr 28, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2009 by qinghai jin
I know there are those of you that have good IT backgrounds and experience with Enterprise and maybe even DriveWorks.

I used to be a VAR and have implemented Enterprise, used it, and taught it. However when doing the installation I have never ran across an instance of SQL express already on the server. (The backup software that was just purchased uses SQL Express and is already installed.) I know in the past when I implemented the software, we have always used SQL dedicated to EPDM or full blown version of SQL. When it comes to SQL I have limited knowledge and am admitting I need assistance.

On 1 server, they are intending to install, SolidWorks, DriveWorks, SQL Standard (version that comes with Enterprise), and Enterprise against my insistence to put them on separate servers.

DriveWorks will also need SQL databases for the many configurations we will be creating.

How do I make this all work together in harmony????

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