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FEA convergence problem of J-hook analysis

Discussion created by Rony Shaha on Nov 27, 2019
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Hello All,


I am trying to calculate the rated capacity of a J-Hook by using general simulation method and h-adaptive method. But at 200lbs of applied load, I got huge difference of stress results from general analysis to h-adaptive analysis. 


Stress at General Simulation: 107 MPA

Stress at h-adaptive analysis: 976MPA


Mesh Data: Curvature based fine mesh

Load: 200lbs

Hook Dia: 5/8''

mat: ASTM A 36


Could someone help me how do I fix this problem ? I am always getting this huge difference when I used adaptive analysis. Without adaptive analysis, How do I know that my fea results converge ?


I have attached the step files and two results. I really appreciate your help and /or suggestions.