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Discussion created by Kevin Chandler on Nov 26, 2019

Updated 01/07/2020: 01/08 Excel file added.Save the TTL page as an HTML file as outlined on 01/07.


Updated 01/07/2020: It's close to the end of idea submission and the start of voting.

If you wish to have all of the idea summaries local and more responsive for voting review, save the TTL page as an HTML file.

First continue scrolling until the instructional video shows with Dan Pihlaja "Delete children" idea above it.

Keep scrolling. The scroll bar button (highlighted yellow) is faint and it will reposition itself. But keep going until you see Dan.

This means all of the idea summaries are loaded and now the saved HTML will have all of the ideas.

Select File>Save As in your browser. The HTML page will be saved along with a linked folder that contains the various elements for a close-to-actual presentation. The image below is from the saved page, not from the site.

You can't click a saved idea summary to open the idea's page, but scrolling for review is much faster with a saved page.


Updated 01/01/2020: 2020-01-01  Excel file attached. (377) ideas.


Updated 12/08/2019: Added new "TTL Load Idea". A utility to load an idea into a new browser tab by first copying the idea number to the clipboard and then press Ctrl+Shift+I (you must be logged into 3D).


Three files are in "TTL Load": the AutoHotkey script, the exe file and its ini file.

Extract the exe and ini files to the same folder (any folder as long as these files are together).

No mods are made to your computer.

Run the exe file and a self closing dialog displays with some instructions:


I don't know if the idea URL is the same for everyone or if there is some login specific data in the idea URL.

In case the current base of the idea URL doesn't work for you, double-click the ini file (it will open in Notepad).

Copy & paste your URL (up to "idea:") to the right of "TTLBaseUrl=" replacing all of what's there:


Save the ini file. Restart "TTL Load Idea.exe", copy an idea number and press Ctrl+Shift+I.


To exit the utility, right click its green tray icon and select Exit or click Suspend Hotkeys to disable Ctrl+Shift+I but keep the exe loaded (click Suspend again to re-enable it):




To also load an idea of interest into your browser, log into the TTL and click on any idea. Once loaded, edit the address.

Backspace from the right end of the address up to the colon after "idea", copy the desired idea number from the Idea Number column and paste in it after "idea:" and press Enter:


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