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2020 Top Ten List (TTL) Repository

Discussion created by Kevin Chandler on Nov 26, 2019

Updated 12/07/2019: Added updated "TTL ParseV6". Added Votes ("Likes") column.

Thank you to Jim Steinmeyer for alerting me to how the "voting" works this year so this could happen.

New "TTL" attached as "TTL Read.ini" within it has been changed for vote tallying (but not the TTL Read script).

(247) ideas in the latest attached Excel file.


Updated 12/06/2019: Added updated "TTL ParseV5". Added Summary column (per the request of Artem Taturevych) that contains the initial text within the body of the idea.

Depending on the amount of body text entered by their creator, this summary will contain a partial listing, the complete listing or none (there are ideas with the title as the idea's only text input).

HTML codes within each summary, if any, remain. They were neither removed or converted.

(238) ideas in the latest attached Excel file.

New TTL" attached as "TTL Read.ini" within it has changed (but not the TTL Read script).


Updated 12/03/2019: Updated TTL Excel file.


Updated 12/03/2019: Added a PDF how-to for uploading your TTL ideas.


Updated 12/01/2019: Added corrected "TTL ParseV4". It now runs efficiently, less than a minute to parse (191) ideas, which previously, took ~35 minutes.

The status column has been removed as the test to extract it wasn't reliable and it isn't worth the effort (at least not to me).

(191) ideas in the latest attached Excel file.


New TTL" attached as "TTL Read.ini" within it has changed (but not the TTL Read script).


To load an idea of interest into your browser, log into the TTL and click on any idea. Once loaded, edit the address.

Backspace from the right end of the address up to the colon after "idea", copy the desired idea number from the Idea Number column and paste in it after "idea:" and press Enter:


I plan on regularly parsing the ideas and posting the latest Excel file here, so check back. How often...dunno yet.


The three attached "3DSwym" files are the same ideas in HTML format as the the 3 zipped printed PDF ideas.

Each "3DSwym" is an HTML file and its linked "_files" folder.

Please review both file formats to see which is preferred and add your comments.

HTML provides a more realistic representation of the page, but the HTML file size (with its "_files" folder) is over 5X that of a PDF file (at least it is for the attached samples).

Note: Each "3DSwym" file/folder pair can only be zipped with each other. They can't be zipped with multiple "3DSwym" pairs. This is why there are (3) HTML zips attached, but only (1) PDF zip.



Updated 11/30/2019: Added "TTL Print" for saving ideas as PDF files (instead of HTML using "TTL SaveV3").

"TTL Print" (like all of the TTL files) uses TTL Read.ini, so you must set your PDF save to path in the [TTL Print] section and you must set your default printer to PDF.

Unlike saving as HTML, there's no default file name when printing, so it's copied from the Save As dialog and after "3DSwym " & ".html" are removed, it's pasted into the print dialog along with the path from the ini file.

Like "TTL SaveV3", "TTL Print" looks for the overwrite dialog for existing files and responds Yes automatically.

Like "TTL SaveV3", "TTL Print" uses the idea numbers extracted by "TTL Read".


"TTL SaveV3" is updated to v3.01 with the same delays developed to get "TLL Print" to perform reliably.


"TTL Parse" & "TTL Read" are unchanged, so "TTL Parse" is still too slow.


Updated 11/29/2019: Added new Excel file of TTL ideas to date (190) using "TTL Read" then "TTL ParseV2".

A Status column has been added, but I suspect the code to extract may break later.

V2.00 is attached but it needs more work. I believe it generates data okay, but it's inefficiently slow executing, so I will need to speed it up some.

Also included in each zip is the latest code and its exe file. TTL Parse & TTL Save use TTL Read.ini which is on TTL

Still don't know why these work at home but not at work under the same login.


Updated 11/29/2019: Added Excel file of TTL ideas to date using "TTL Parse". V1.00 is attached but it needs more work.

Also included in the latest zip:

TTL Read v1.01 cleaned up, omits instructional video idea number.

TTL Save v1.01 cleaned up.

Tried running TTL Read.exe (v1.01) from my work computer Wednesday (11/26) but it extracted zero idea numbers.

I don't understand why as there doesn't appear to be any different login/different computer conditions for TTL Read.

This INI file key is the text it searches with, which shouldn't change for different people:

TTLUrlSearchText=class="content-icon idea" data-content-id="


I didn't think to send my work HTML file home for comparison, so if someone could save the TTL parent page as outlined below and attach it, I would be grateful. Select the html file and its "_files" folder when zipping.

Any insight into this would be appreciated.



Some code to extract the ideas from the Top Ten List (TTL) as individual HTML files (with their associated components from: 


These are the steps to the process (tested only using Firefox):

  1. Extract the attached to a dedicated TTL folder.
  2. Log into the 3D TTL community.
  3. Select "Contents" (yellow) if it isn't already and scroll (green) down until all of the ideas have been loaded:
    (By default, this page will only contain a few ideas, by scrolling all the way down, all get loaded.)
  4. Save this page as an HTML and into your TTL folder.
  5. Run "TTL Read.exe" which reads this HTML file and creates a text file (TTLIdeaNumbers.txt) of all of the idea numbers in this HTML file.
  6. For testing, edit TTLIdeaNumbers.txt and delete all but 3-4 idea numbers (each is on its own line).
  7. Run "TTL Save.exe" which reads TTLIdeaNumbers.txt and saves each idea as an HTML file to the same folder as the last save.



You made need to edit "TTL Read.ini" (used by both exe files). Just double click it and it will open in your default text editor.

Some items may need to change for each person.

TTLParentHtmlPath is your TTL folder.

TTLLoadDelay and TTLSaveDelay are page read and page save delays you can alter.

TTLBaseUrl may contain data particular to each login, so check this against the path in your browser and edit accordingly.

BrowserExeFileName is required to set the focus on the browser.

OverwriteTitle is the title of the confirm dialog that displays if the HTML file exists. For each idea, this dialog is looked for and if present, the existing file is overwritten. This text is used to see if the dialog is displayed. It must be a literal match.


As I can only test to an extent by myself, please test these utilities and provide feed back.

AutoHotkey code is included.


Thank you,