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    Different columns in "Where Used" and "Check Out" screens

      We are doing some initial testing with Enterprise before we go live through the whole company. We had planned on using just a sequential serial number as the filename. However, as far as I can tell this makes the Contains, Where Used and Check-In/Out screens useless. There are a few columns available but I would like to be able to have the description on that screen. Has anybody found a clever work around or a fix to this problem? Has anybody else used serial numbers as filenames and what have you done about this?

        • Different columns in "Where Used
          Evert Schuttert
          We use automatically generated serial numbers as filenames. It's true, you can't see the description.

          In the bill of materials and the search, you can add columns (administration tool, columns), but in the other screens you can't, as far as I know. In the vault, you can add columns too.
          It works for us, but would be better when you can add columns wherever you want.