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How to copy Sketch with all dimensions?

Question asked by Pauli Niittymäki on Nov 27, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2019 by Pauli Niittymäki

Hello everyone,

this is my first time to ask some tips from all you experts.


I have been modelling with SW about 5 years now, and I've done pretty complicated stuff with parts

and assemblys.


But now I've found one problem with sketch dimensions. I'm trying to do propeller blade with our customers

dimensions, just for funny and why not also for developing my skills. I know there is lots of propeller designs

in internet (grabcad, 3dcontentcentral etc.) done by other persons, but they are made by different technique

than what I'm trying now.


I started this modelling by creating 17 planes, then I made sketch on first plane and dimensioned it.

When the sketch was finished, i was going to copy the sketch and paste it to the next plane for editing

dimensions. So I selected all entities and dimensions with box and copy them, exit sketch and click

plane2 and paste previous sketch. As you can see from screenshots, some dimensions have

disappeared from sketch2. Only 2 control dimensions has been attached, rest of them are driven what

they may be.


Is there any way to get all dimensions copied with original sketch and attach them to next sketch, then after

editing them repeat copy paste with sketch2 etc.?