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Associations Between Sub Assemblies

Question asked by Scott Bendon on Nov 27, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2019 by Frederick Law

We have some live projects with NDA's in place but have identical Sub-assemblies used across multiple projects.


Operations have created unique part numbers for each project so we actually have identical products with multiple part numbers.


As an example, the customer orders the sub-assemblies repeatedly so on project 1 we have 1234-body and 1234-top and on project 2 abcd-body and abcd-top but they are identical and is a XXXX which internal is standard.


On the drawings / BOMS the customer has the part numbers reflect the ones unique to there project. But how in Solidworks/PDM do you create the association between the XXXX and the project-specific part numbers virtually?


Essentially showing in SW that they are essentially the same thing so links there if we make changes etc?