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Toolbox to Receive 10th Anniversary Award for Under Performance

Question asked by Chris Dundorf on Apr 28, 2009
Latest reply on May 17, 2011 by Charles Warren
We started with SolidWorks in 1999 and purchased this add-on called Toolbox. Kind of a cool way to purchase a library of modeled fasteners - just drag and drop and POOF a fastener of your choosing is now in your assembly and mated to the circular edge of a feature, right?

We recently upgraded to SW2009 and like every year I anxiously wait to see if this is the year Toolbox will not take 30+ seconds to insert a fastener. Since 1999 we've upgraded PCs about 4 times always mid to high-end workstations with plenty of RAM. Currently running XP64 with 8GB RAM, not too shabby. Every year it's the same, I call my VAR they ask lot's of questions, sometimes the support ticket it's upgraded so that a SW engineer or support person is sent to our office (we're in Southern NH). Everyone in support tries to help, screen shots, SW RX files, emails and phone call but the results are always the same, poor performance in the form of excessively slow insertion speed or the occasional "file is read only cannot save..." or Toolbox can't find the edge. It's so bad I now copy and paste fasteners from other models into my assembly and don't worry about the length or fastener type not being correct. I simply do not have time to be waiting to drag a simple part into what is 90% of the time a simple assembly.

So it's 2009 - thank you all for coming, the envelope please...

It's the same no change in 2009. Congratulations on the 10th year.

So that I'm not accused of whining without offering a solution, why doesn't a company develop a software product that consists of a library of fasteners that the user can quickly drag and drop a fastener into a model. Let's say the user waits no more than 5 seconds less would be better.