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force "internal nummer" to be accepted

Question asked by Thierry Bottaro on Nov 26, 2019



We are working with external designers and we ask them to use our standard parts (like screws, magnets, small parts...)

When they deliver a complete design assembly with these parts, I usually import the assembly without these parts, in order to avoid dupplication in our PDM. (and external designers do not have access to this PDM)


When I open the Assembly, I may have to "replace" some of these parts with our parts, and sometimes I get a error "this part have a different internal nummer" and I can't activate the part, it is greyed out in the browser, and invisible in model.

(the german error description is "Die Datei für diese Komponente weist eine interne Kennung auf, die nicht übereinstimmt.")


I don't want to rename the part, delete it... I want to force Solidworks to accept this part !

Do you have an idea ?