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Laser cutting using section view.  How do I use solid hatching of sections?

Question asked by Michael Chernoff on Nov 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2020 by Michael Chernoff

Hello, I am currently trying to do laser cutting and etching of fonts.


Solidworks makes laser etching of fonts and detailed patterns unnecessarily unpleasant and tedious.


I want to know if I can use section view to create solid crosshatches instead of pattern crosshatches so I do not have to select the face of each letter and instead have the face of each letter (and only the letters) represented as the solid black necessary for laser etching that area.



In this case, I made this assembly called "laser cut badge"

    The assembly is made of the following subassemblies

      a) "badge base"

      b) "Badge font": (I set this one up using a custom material setting I made up called "laser cut plastic"

      c) "Badge holes" 


I wanted to see if I could get the holes cut first, followed by etching the font, followed by cutting out the part.  This means that I set both the font and holes as EXTRUSIONS so I could provide section views of them.


Here is how I specified the cross hatch of the material "Laser cut plastic".  I set it as a solid cross hatch 

                                    (For material "laser cut plastic": Setting the cross hatch pattern)


My goal was to use the solidworks section view of this badge to cut through the font and automatically produce a drawing where the specified material of font subassembly to automatically fill in the font with a solid pattern ready for laser etching.


(Attempt at using Solidworks section-view to automatically fill in cut sections with SOLID FILL instead of HATCH PATTERNS.  I can hide views as necessary afterwards)


Here is a close up view of my results.  (THEY ARE DISAPPOINTING SO FAR)

      How do I make the cut sections appear as SOLID BLACK INFILL instead of a hatch pattern?  I do not want to select each letter (or sub-pattern) individually.


(It's easy in this part, but I have a model of a vernier caliper I am making, and this would be screaming awful to fill in every etch line by hand.)

                              (Disappointing result: Letters show cross hatching, instead of solid infill)


Any suggestions?  I included a "pack-and-go" zip file of this project, including the drawing.