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Help needed. Automatically name drawings using name of the model file.

Question asked by Staffan Holm on Nov 25, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2019 by Victor Frauenfeld



I am (as a admin newbie) working with setting up templates in PDM Pro. Standard functionallity of Solidworks is to automatically name drawings using name of the model file (part or assembly) which is used in the drawing. But when I click new -> make drawing from part inside SW using a PDM drawing template it only creates the drawing and names it Drawing 1 (not the name of the part). Also the view palette tab is not populated with the part views. The result is the same as if I would have opened just the drawing itself and not by new -> make drawing from part.


The name is nicely printed in the drawing frame using the models properties hwen adding a aprt view, so this is not about getting the models properties to the drawing. But the drawing file name does not inherit the parts name. What is wrong?


I am not using a template data card only a data card if this has something to do with it?