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HDRI Floor Flatten Issue

Question asked by Toft Bill on Nov 24, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2019 by Toft Bill

I downloaded a free HDRI from HDRI Haven (a GREAT site!). (Using Visualize Professional 2020 SP0.1)

I set my model Position to be Center and Snap to Floor. See screen captures.

1. When the Scene Transform does NOT select Flatten Floor, it looks OK.

2. When I click on Flatten Floor, I get a great psychedelic effect!

3. After I change the floor Height from 1 to 4, things start to look better.

4. Changing the Size from 25 to 13, I get the best. (Anything larger is distorted.)

5. Zoomed the camera out to show everything.


When I use a SolidWorks HDRI, I can Flatten Floor without drama. Do they have different standards than these other sites?

Is there a better approach than my trial and error technique?

Any suggestions for getting the Scale of the HDRI and the Scale of the Model to match (or at least be close)? (My model size is 13' x 18' and I could use that sign (in #5) to estimate the HDRI size)