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    Shell mesh in Cosmos

    Michael Sætvedt
      I have a shell model where some of the surfaces are split in order to get matching nodes. When meshing none of the surface that have been split are being meshed. All the no-split surfaces are meshed. Does anybody know what the problem is and how it can be solved?

      Thanks in advance.

        • Shell mesh in Cosmos
          Bill McEachern
          if ht shell was "defined" before you split them then you need to redefine them as the surface ID's would be lost after splitting.
            • Shell mesh in Cosmos
              Christopher Thompson
              I am having the same problem with a sheet metal part using SW2009. My guess is that SW is creating a mid-surface for the sheet metal parts, and the split line is not being transfered to the mid-surface.

              I do not recall this being a problem in SW2007. In my application, I am applying a fixture restaint on the split-line which will translate a specified distance referencing a plane for direction. Anyone else have this problem with Simulation (FEA) 2009?
                • Shell mesh in Cosmos
                  Christopher Thompson
                  I was correct, it was a bug! This is the first time I have reported an FEA simulation bug. My VAR will contact me when it is resolved (see below) for SW 2009 SP 3.0.

                  "Your SR 1-1185625961 has been updated. For details, review under the Comments area of My SR's (Service Request) on the portal. Load applied to a split line on a shell analysis gives restraint transfer failed error.

                  After some extensive regression testing, I've filed SPR 492740 - "Restraints and loads on edges of split lines in sheet metal components result in transfer failed error" -- you will be notified when it has been resolved.

                  The bug only affects loads or restraints on split line edges of sheet metal components. Faces of split lines are fine. The workaround is to define the midsurface manually as mentioned previously or apply the load/restraint to a face instead of an edge."


                  Chris Thompson

                  SW Premium 2009 SP 3.0