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Question asked by Steven McCallion on Nov 22, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2019 by Paul Salvador

Does anyone else get the feeling that Tesla's Cybertruck was designed by that SolidWork's user we all know that is 100% positive that swx surfacing is super duper top notch, as good as creo/nx??


I do remember seeing someone argue on a product design forum years ago that you can do any surfacing you want in swx, it's just as good as anything else, and as an example they made and posted a model of an aeroplane constructed using 4 extrusions (body, two wings, tail), and then for the finishing "surfacing" touch they generously applied fillets on all sharp edges. It was great. Dude probably walked straight into a job at Boeing.


That truck probably has a sweet drag coefficient actually, but still I couldn't help but laugh and think of all my square engineery designs (non product design) that I've spat out over the years.