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Hello Sir, am a Bellows design engineer, how can i model and analyse a multi ply bellows?. How the multiply characteristics can be given in the analysis?.

Question asked by Ananad Rajagopal on Nov 22, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2019 by Ananad Rajagopal

Am trying to analyse the expansion joint in the solidworks simulation- static module. My bellows has 3 ply construction. I tried to create the multiply by offsetting the layers in the sketch module and revolved over the axis and also i created the bellows with single ply that matches the thickness with the multi ply thickness of the bellows.


When i solve both the single and multi ply bellows, i get more or less same vonmises stress, but practically stress generated in the single ply bellows is approximately twice the stress generated in the multiply bellows.


kindly solve my issue as soon as possible.




Varadha Kumar R